The curriculum at SIFT is designed by experts to suit the requirements of the fashion industries and allow students to blend into the global network.

The curriculum is designed with internal & external student assessments with various skill-based packages.

The experts from various fields of Fashion and resource persons will handle subjects of their expertise, specialisation and research.

The students are not only provided with theory-based education but they will also make a presentation, participate in group discussion, seminars, face. to face programmes and they are This also sent for practical training and internship.

Students undertake field trips as part of the craft cluster programme of SIFT and closely coordinate with the artisans in remote villages in India, more particularly cottage industries to add value to their projects.

Bannian tree

This programme is outside the classroom. They visit various places and events connected with Fashion studies in and around Chennai like trade fairs, exhibitions, intercollegiate programme, backstage co-ordination for Fashion how’s etc.,

Face to Face and Guest lectures

By interacting with reputed designers in the classroom, designers share their experiences and students are able to understand the importance of Fashion business, trends, forecast understand their journey.


SIFT -Fashion tour all over India, specially to Rajasthan & Gujarat – This helps to gain first-hand information on the technical know-how, learn about the lifestyle, values, culture and rich heritage that exists among Indian ancient artisans.

This research programme provides an innovative pathway for students interested in acquiring a critical understanding of the different handicrafts in various states in India.